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10 rules to follow on a date - A lady's point of view

Rule 1: The Icebreaker
Tell them how nice they look at the beginning of the night it shows that your attracted to them and it breaks the ice a little.

Rule 2: Don’t Hide any Intentions
Say how you feel about your date because you don’t want to lead them down any roads where you’re not planning on going. For example sex, kiss at the end of the date, a possible long lasting relationship.

Rule 3: Plan Place Beforehand
Always think of somewhere interesting to go where you can talk. You want to get to know this possible true love and if you don’t have anything to talk about then you know that the relationship is going to be awkward.

Rule 4: Gum Chewing No No
Never chew gum while talking to them. It’s really unattractive for both sexes and people tend to spit a little when they have gum in their mouths. Also, if you happen to kiss at the end of the night, you never want to choke in the middle of the perfect kiss.

Rule 5: Don’t Always let him Pay
Men always offer to pay for the date. Don’t always accept. A relationship is a two-way thing and beginning with him paying for everything is not a good way to start a healthy relationship. Always offer to help pay for something, if they refuse then accept the gift. It’s always nice to have a good surprise

Rule 6: Body Odor
Make sure you smell good. B.O is a total turn off so make sure you wear perfume. Wear something expensive like ck ,jean or dkny or anything else that smells nice. Don’t overdo it. It will seem like you’re trying to cover something up. A faint smell of Ralph Lauren rather than body odor is always nice.

Rule 7: Dressing Correctly
Don’t overdress you don’t want to make your date look under dressed. That can be so embarrassing. Try and find out what your date is wearing before the big date and also VERY important find out where your going before you dress. Try to dress for the occasion.

Rule 7: The Final Kiss.
Simply take his or her hand before you kiss him/her if they pull their hand away it means don’t kiss him, if the hold your hand back lean over for the kiss.

Rule 8: Taking it to the Next Step
A small kiss will do at first. Kiss them on the lips quickly and if they seemed to like it, and you feel comfortable with it, carry on with the full tongue thing. If they don’t like it, then just walk away.

Rule 9: Back up Plan
If you like him/her don’t wait for your date to ask for the second date. If you do it shows your keen and that you really like him. If they say no, voice any interest in possibly becoming friends.

Rule 10: Going too Far
Never ever have sex on the first date. It shows you’re easy and that may be the only reason they asked to out in the first place

Steps to Make your Arranged Marriage Successful

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Arranged Marriages
Arranged marriages, is the primary concept about marriage, with which we Indians are nurtured. As children, we are always brought up with the belief that when we grow older, our parents search a life partner for us, with whom we are supposed to marry. The concept of arranged marriage is not at all wrong; it is a practice, which has been followed by Indians, since ages. Also, marriages groomed with Indian traditions are the most successful and the long lived matrimony bonds. But, now the ideologies are changing with the concept of love marriage is coming into practice. But, still a significant number of marriages bonds tied in India are arranged and a bride and groom need to be well prepared to accept a stranger as his life partner.

Efforts need to be made from both the sides, to make the marriage bond a success. Following are the steps, which you must follow, to keep your arranged marriage on a healthy and a happy track:

First of all, every relationship demands comfort. You need to bring your relationship to a level which is friendly and wherein you can share every little thing with your partner. This comfort brings you closer to your spouse.
When you get to know a person, then you start taking care of his small- small things, which develops the emotions of care and understanding in the relation. Caring for the smallest of the needs of your life partner, adds strength to your wedding bond.
Care and understanding gives birth to the feeling of love in each others heart, which eventually gets stronger and results in intimacy in the relationship.
In an arranged marriage, you should give time and space to your spouse, to understand each other and should not get hyper over small issues.
You should remember, talking helps, therefore, if you have some doubts or problems, then please clear with your life partner, then and there.

All these steps may vary according to situations and how well you know the person. But the crux of every relation lies in the understanding you share and your willingness to groom the bond with love.